Sigma Alpha Epsilon Partners with OmegaFi

EVANSTON, IL – Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity has announced a valuable new partnership with OmegaFi. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has chosen OmegaFi’s Compass database for member, chapter and fundraising management. In addition, SAE designates OmegaFi as its Preferred Partner for chapter and house corporation financial management. With new efficiencies in the areas of member management, fundraising and finances, the partnership allows SAE staff members, volunteers, alumni and students to focus on the growth and prosperity of the organization. OmegaFi offers a great depth of knowledge and history of innovative solutions for fraternity management. Unparalleled customer service and dedication to information and financial security make OmegaFi the continued industry leader after 25 years in business.

OmegaFi CEO, Fred Maglione commented on the partnership, “OmegaFi has enjoyed supporting SAE since our first chapter partnership in 1996. We are now excited to welcome the whole Fraternity and Foundation as our 18th database partner and look forward to working with many more of their chapters. We are proud that SAE trusts us with their data, finances and operations.”

OmegaFi’s Compass database supports operations at the Fraternity Service Center in Evanston, all chapters and all members will enjoy added benefits. An efficient chapter invoicing system improves the experience of our student leaders. Combined with OmegaFi’s Vault for chapter and house corporation management, our local officers will be positioned to successfully fulfil their duties.

Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity, Blaine Ayers, commented on the partnership, “Moving from Raiser’s Edge to OmegaFi’s Compass is the clear choice for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Our staff will gain efficient member and chapter management, streamlined national dues billing and collection and a support team that can meet the needs of an organization of our size. Improved efficiency will allow us to re-dedicate some of our time to other mission-critical functions.”

SAE’s new Compass database, powered by OmegaFi, will support the management needs of the Fraternity as well as the development needs of the Foundation.

Will Grimsley, President and CEO of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Foundation says, “Compass has the powerful fundraising and reporting tools we need to raise funds in support of our mission. OmegaFi applications will be more user-friendly for our staff and donors. We need the tools and the usability to maximize our performance, and OmegaFi has mastered both.”

Launch of the database and members’ portal will begin in the summer of 2017. Additional information can be found here.

For any questions regarding the new partnership, please contact Chief Information Officer, Patrick Stiff, at


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