A Special Message Regarding Charlottesville

EVANSTON, IL – Sigma Alpha Epsilon condemns the acts of discrimination, bigotry and violence that have transpired in Charlottesville. They are inexcusable, and there is no place for them in our society or Fraternity. Our creed, “The True Gentleman,” encompasses our values, and we offer heartfelt sympathies to the families and friends whose loved ones were injured or killed during the events this past weekend.

The brothers of our local chapter of Virginia Omicron at the University of Virginia are safe, as students have not yet convened for the new academic term.

Members of Greek-letter organizations have an opportunity to stand up against this type of behavior and impact their communities in positive ways by being role models and leaders. SAE has increased awareness of diversity and inclusion in the Fraternity through numerous initiatives over the past two years, including the addition of our Director of Diversity & Inclusion, and we will continue to do so in order to prevent this type of hateful, unacceptable behavior.

Moreover, we remind brothers always to do the right thing by recalling our mission and values. Those who may need counseling are encouraged to reach out to services provided by the UVA, which provide programming and facilitate discussion to offer support.

The following is a list of resources, including information for one of our official partners — the JED Foundation’s Mental Health Resource Center:
Our Diversity and Inclusion Position Statement
JED Foundation Mental Health Resource Center
Our Crisis Management Plan
Our Internet Posting Resolution

All of us here at the national headquarters are available for any questions or concerns that may arise from our members, advisers and volunteers. For a staff directory, CLICK HERE.




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